Discover the new seasonal menu from Valentin Morice, starred chef at Table du Boisniard

Valentin Morice

The look is frank, the words direct, the gesture precise. It is early on this spring morning and Valentin is hard at work.

First the lacquering of a veal and lemon juice on the eels for Japanese cooking. Then, almost in the same movement, the preparation of racks of pork in the heart of which he places like a wick of mackerel.

At his side, a young clerk works on preparing vegetables from the garden and heirloom tomatoes for lunch. The Restaurant has its own vegetable garden, and Valentin only cooks products from an ultra-short supply chain.

The pace suddenly quickens. The race, the instructions to his brigade, the adrenaline… The intense energy he puts into everything… “I’m a perfectionist at heart…”, he says when talking about his journey.

After school, he joined the Plaza Athénée and became head clerk at 18. Despite the assurance of being able to continue, he prefers to leave: “Paris was not for me. I was suffocating there…” So, he moved in with his grandmother and joined the Domaine de la Bretesche, in Loire-Atlantique, as a clerk. He stayed there for four years, became Chef de Partie in Pastry, and saw the establishment regain its lost Star.

Then, it was the Domaine du Boisniard, where he finished his training, where Mrs. Mousset – then general director – offered him to take over from a departing chef. A night of reflection, then he accepts, also sets his conditions: stabilize the brigade, then set off to conquer the Star. He will achieve this in four years.

In this alliance of living force and fragility. Power and emotion. Of complexity and obviousness. Everything that makes his cuisine so uniquely beautiful. And that we find in its Signature Dish: langoustine in three courses.

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